Our fleet is waiting for you!

We are a company that provides charter planes for anyone in search of a more comfortable travel. Our team recognizes the need for an alternative to standard airlines. We cannot emphasize the number of inconveniences that standard airlines give their customers- longer trips, a farther distance of airports to actual destinations, sharing seats with hundreds of other passengers, and stress in traveling with strangers.

Charter flights

Our charter planes offer a lot of things that airline cannot and afford to give their clients. We go far and beyond what other planes provide. Our goal as a company is to show you a new level of experience that no other flights have been able to offer.

Since you hired as to be your private plane, you will not have to deal with connecting flights. We will fly you from our home to your nearest possible landing strip to your hotel or resort. Our small airplanes are compact enough to land at smaller airstrips compared to standard airlines that can only use international airports.

We have partners all over the world that will allow us to land safely in their areas. We can bring you to your lodging place for you to enjoy a dinner cruise in Amsterdam or get on an Amsterdam City pass. Do not let your air travel prevent you from enjoying your trips.

You can choose from our many charter aircraft based on your needs and comfort of travel. We have a lot of Piper planes and Turboprop airplanes. You can choose 2 to 6 seater planes depending on who you want to be with on your vacations.

Prevent any uneasiness and anxiety due to traveling with strangers. Choose only the people that you enjoy being with through our charter planes.

Book a flight with us to experience the difference.